WEYU partners with Zilliqa to empower Web3 creators


We are delighted to announce that WEYU has partnered with Zilliqa, the high-performance, high-security, and low-fee layer-1 blockchain to provide users across both sides with easy access to a comprehensive and growing ecosystem of value-driven NFTs. The collaboration marks another major milestone along the WEYU journey and one that kicks off a series of exciting projects between the two Web3 brands.

Sandra Helou, Zilliqa’s Head of Metaverse & NFTs, said “Multichain integration is one way for L1 blockchains like Zilliqa to achieve greater interoperability. More importantly, it enables the value and utility that NFTs offer to extend beyond its native platform. Think about the possibilities that could unleash for creators, who now have a far wider audience to showcase their unique works to.” She added “By partnering with WEYU, Zilliqa is helping to bring more users into our ecosystem and the blockchain space in general. Ultimately we’re supporting mass adoption by making NFTs more accessible to individuals and brands through a no-code solution.”

Learn more about what the partnership will bring here:

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