WEYU partners with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to drive positive impact for refugees through NFTs

3 min readOct 29, 2021

Discover how WEYU’s partnership with UNHCR will support the Tech for Good movement

Steve Jobs once said, “It’s not faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” Now, that is not to suggest that we here at WEYU do not trust technological developments, after all, we are creating the world’s first multi-chain platform for the NFT market, however, the value of technology lies in the experience that it creates — for us, and our world. Now more than ever, we sit at a moment of history where we have the potential to create so much while simultaneously driving positive change for humanity and our planet. As a result, we have partnered with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and we are extremely proud to tell you more about what this means for WEYU, blockchain technology and progressive social initiatives.

Using Tech-for-Good

Charity and the Tech-for-Good movement are an essential component of the WEYU project. Tech-for-Good, in case you are unfamiliar, is a global movement that aspires to use technology to drive positive change for humans, our planet and societal utility. The faction responds in particular to sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. One issue that reflects these goals is the refugee crisis, which is overseen by UNHCR. In the past decade, the number of people who’ve been forced to flee has more than doubled, with 82.4 million now displaced worldwide. A staggering 68% come from just five countries — Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar. In fact, according to UNHCR:

“Today, one percent of humanity is displaced.”

Driving change in collaboration with UNHCR

With this in mind, and back in late 2020, WEYU met with UNHCR to discuss how we could help with the refugee crisis. Working tirelessly over the past year to bring our shared vision into reality, we are delighted to announce that together we have developed an exciting and impactful new project that uses blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens to make a difference for refugees worldwide.

“I am excited and hopeful about the future of blockchain and decentralized technology to help the world move closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Tarek Haddad, Private Sector Partnership Officer at UNHCR. “Through this partnership with WEYU we can leverage their technology to help create opportunities for a better future for displaced people across the globe.”

With guided support from UNHCR, the partnership will tap into the current interest in non-fungible tokens, aiming to leverage the technology’s current popularity to help people around the world who have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Specifically, the partnership will begin by providing refugees with an opportunity to create, earn and support themselves through harnessing the potential of the NFTs and the blockchain.

“WEYU is thrilled to push the boundaries of social impact and NFTs to showcase yet another use case for this technology. We can’t wait to show the world what we have built alongside some incredibly brave and talented individuals.” - Chris Dawe (Lead Advisor of WEYU).

Save the Date — WEYU x UNHCR Project Launch

The project that we have developed alongside UNHCR to help refugees through technology is as unique as it is impactful. Centered around blockchain technology, the project will drop on the 8th of November 2021. So, make sure you stay fixated on our channels as this is something you really don’t want to miss. While technology continues to amaze, it is how we use it towards helping our planet and its people that gives us faith to continue our journey — and this lies at the heart of the WEYU mission.

Find WEYU at Solana Conference — Breakpoint

On a final note, WEYU will be attending the Solana conference, Breakpoint, from November 7th — 10th in Lisbon, Portugal. We hope to see you there!

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