WEYU Joins Thriving Solana Ecosystem

3 min readJun 27, 2021


Team WEYU is excited to announce a bidirectional bridge is now in development between Binance Smart Chain and Solana. Solana has emerged as the front-runner in the high-performance blockchain space. With up to 65,000 transactions a second, half second block times, and extremely low transaction costs, Solana is becoming the most attractive choice for ambitious projects who are set to develop real consumer-ready products at global scale.

WEYU Wormhole (Bridge) from BSC to Solana

WEYU will employ a bidirectional bridge from Solana to Binance Smart Chain as an advanced functioning bridge. This will allow all WEYU token holders to seamlessly move WEYU tokens bidirectionally from Solana and BSC. Giving holders the freedom to choose which WEYU token features they’d like to tap into.

WEYU’s research team and partners have been deeply exploring the Blockchain space to find suitable technology partners to help advance the highly ambitious vision of the WEYU project. When leveraging new technology such as blockchain, it’s important to make calculated choices that ensure the base infrastructure of the technology is sound. WEYU has illustrated a multiplex tokenomics model that’s requires a highly efficient blockchain at its core. When we look at the functions of the WEYU token as described in the WEYU Whitepaper we clearly see two areas where the WEYU token will live.

  1. Off platform: how people can leverage the WEYU tokenomics when holding or using the WEYU token outside the WEYU suit of platforms.
  2. On platform: the ability to leverage the WEYU token on the WEYU NFT marketplace or within the DAO portal or any other WEYU platform, product or service.

The off platform token has already been technically engineered and is at the described as a fee embedded token that rewards holders with constant flow of additional WEYU from trading volume of the token. This token is developed in the programming language Solidity and lives on the Binance Smart Chain. The BEP20 WEYU token is great for participating in the various elements of Defi that is available within the BSC ecosystem.

When we look at the multitude of features the WEYU aspires to achieve when used within the WEYU platforms there is a clear need for a much more dynamic, scalable and fast blockchain. With all of the advancements in bridging technology over the past few years it is totally achievable to have a token live on two or more blockchains simultaneously.

As a hello to the thriving Solana community and ecosystem we have held 50% of the WEYU Private sale to attract partners, influencers and most importantly community members of the Solana ecosystem to the WEYU project.

Thank you for reading and see you in our next post.

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