WEYU Earn: Earn Crypto, NFTs and some major prizes

5 min readDec 30, 2021

Are you an NFT junkie who spends time on social media? Well, now you can get paid to do what you’re doing all day anyway! Welcome to WEYU Earn

WEYU Earn is the first NFT community builder that helps new and existing NFT projects gain social media engagement and traction to make them a success. This is all possible thanks to our revolutionary new platform where users sign in with their wallets to perform simple tasks like retweeting a post or commenting on a thread. For each task completed, users earn WEYU Points. Points can be redeemed for crypto, NFTs, special access and other monthly prizes that are all sure to excite. At the end of each month we will reveal the redeemable prizes and you will have 72 hours to pick what you would like to spend your points on. Warning: Many of the prizes are limited so be sure to make it to our monthly reveals!

Now! Let’s take a closer look at how to get started on WEYU Earn.

#1 Get a BSC wallet and a Sollana wallet

The first step is to get a wallet. Why do you need both, you ask? Well you don’t. Ether one will do to register and gain access to the WEYU Earn platform. However, many of the prizes and redeemable items will be associated with both blockchains, and therefore, connecting both wallets is a great idea — trust! You can always add a second wallet after registering initially with just one.

We highly suggest that you use Metamask for your BSC connection and Phantom with Sollana… Again, trust us on this one.
Get Metamask HERE
Get Phantom HERE

#2 Register for WEYU Earn

There are 3 simple steps to register for WEYU Earn

a) Connect Wallet
Go to the WEYU Earn homepage and connect ether your BSC wallet or your Sollana wallet.
b) Link Telegram
Telegram will be one of the main channels of communication when it comes to the WEYU Earn community. Once your Telegram account is linked, it will prompt the WEYU Telegram Bot, but….more on that later.
c) Email Address
Enter your email as a backup to stay notified on general updates and any additional winnings that you may have earned.

#3 Start Earning WEYU Points!

Once you are registered, you can immediately start earning points! WEYU Points are awarded every time you complete a simple task or refer a friend to WEYU Earn.You will be able to see all of your earned points on your profile page. Your WEYU Earn Telegram bot will also keep you up to date on your point status and other WEYU Earn news.

The 2 ways to Earn WEYU Points

The Task Marketplace
When logging in you will see all available tasks that you can complete to earn WEYU Points. Simply view a task card to see if you are interested in the offered task and select it by clicking on it. Detailed instructions about that task will be opened and you will have everything you need to complete it successfully. The majority of these tasks are social media related and involve relevant content towards WEYU and all of our partners.

Once you have completed the task and submitted the required proof of work then you will see your WEYU Points appear in your profile. Some tasks will earn you 1 point, and others 2, or more depending on the time and effort required for a particular task.

Referral Campaign
Another great way to earn WEYU Points is to use the Referral system. WEYU makes it easy for you to invite others to join the WEYU Earn platform. On your profile page you will find your own unique referral link that you can share wherever you like. But you will also find a Twitter and Telegram message that you can copy to share on those platforms. Each referral will Earn you 5 WEYU points. Again, with every successful referral, your WEYU Telegram bot will instantly notify you.

How about those WEYU Points?

So, we’ve covered how to earn WEYU points and now it’s time to understand how to use them.

WEYU Points are redeemable for all sorts of crypto related prizes and rewards at the end of every month, “season”. When the reveal happens you can select what you want to trade your points for. The primary reward is $WEYU tokens, but in addition we will have NFTs, other cryptocurrencies, digital/physical prizes and so much more.

But here’s the deal… all additional items other than $WEYU are limited and based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each item will showcase the price in WEYU Points. To claim the prize you wish to have, simply claim the prize and your points will be deducted.

Join WEYU Earn today and don’t miss the first season that runs from now until January 31st. JOIN HERE

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