WEYU announces WE-Launch: an all-in-one NFT Launchpad

3…2…1… Lift-off! WE-Launch is here! That’s right folks, we are delighted to announce another major milestone in the WEYU journey with the arrival of WE-Launch — a unified, all-in-one NFT launchpad designed to accelerate the WEYU mission of building the most thriving ecosystem for the NFT and Metaverse future. Better yet, the inauguration of WE-Launch is complemented by a $250,000 fund to support the first few NFT projects that surface on the launchpad. It’s time for take-off, are you ready to launch? 🚀🚀


As you probably know by now, WEYU is building a multi-chain platform to support the growth and adoption of the NFT ecosystem and prepare for the Metaverse revolution. The arrival of WE-Launch, our latest innovation, aids the continuation and development of our growing ecosystem, acting as the perfect next step on the WEYU path.

As a launchpad, WE-Launch is designed to help accelerate the growth of the WEYU ecosystem and early-stage NFT projects by supporting such initiatives to drop their products on the WEYU platform. Today marks the first opportunity for ambitious project founders to apply to launch with WE-Launch and to join the momentous Multi-Chain NFT movement and future.

While WE-Launch offers an exciting prospect for WEYU itself and new NFT projects, the launchpad is incredibly enticing for the general WEYU community. Community members will receive exclusive first access to support and invest in stringently vetted early-stage projects that exist across multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC, Cardano and Polkadot, on one unified platform. Simple, sophisticated and accessible. For the WEYU community, discovering the “next big thing” is easier than ever thanks to a launchpad that is simple to use and accessible for all.


Are you a founder? Do you operate an NFT or Metaverse project? The arrival of WE-Launch offers the opportunity to projects who are building on one of our following blockchain technology partners:

If you are a project building on one of these chains, apply to be one of the first projects on WE-Launch today.



Are you an early stage and pre-launch NFT or Metaverse project? If your answer is yes, then WE-Launch, our new NFT Launchpad could be the perfect place for you to get started. With over 100,000 active community members across the WEYU ecosystem, WE-Launch has the capacity to fuel your fundraising needs and help drive growth and adoption. In addition, and as we mentioned earlier, WEYU has a dedicated and committed community, which alongside an array of incredible partners will help you to grow and scale your project seamlessly.


So, if you are still here and have already gotten to this stage then you’re either understandably excited about our new launchpad or you have a project that you would like to integrate? With that said, here is an overview of our project selection criteria for WE-Launch.


As we drive forwards towards realizing our mission of establishing a thriving multi-chain ecosystem that charges the future of NFTs and the Metaverse — WE-Launch is WEYU’s next step. High-potential, early-stage projects and startups around the globe that are accepted into the WEYU acceleration program will receive a launchpad platform, training, knowledge support, monetary investment and more — all in one unified place — contributing to the advancement of each project.

So Be a pioneer, and become one of the first projects on WEYU’s new launchpad. If you are a project built on the chain of one of our blockchain technology partners, and you fit within our selection criteria, we welcome you to apply to WE-Launch today!


On a final note — further information on how WEYU community members can leverage launching projects on WE-Launch will arrive soon, so stay tuned! In order to stay up to date, make sure to sign up for our newsletter and receive early access information and more.

Hint: November 2021 will offer an opportunity to early adopters to receive first access to WEYU’s first NFT drop, which will guarantee WE-Launch allocations for all WEYU drops. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled as the next few months promise major announcements and exciting milestones for WEYU and NFT community.

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