WEYU announces partnership with #1 Dutch Youtuber, Kwebbelkop

3 min readOct 15, 2021


WEYU announces long-term partnership with NFT enthusiast, gamer and #1 YouTuber of the Netherlands — Kwebbelkop.

Say hello to, Kwebbelkop! Today, we are delighted to officially announce that WEYU has partnered with the largest and most prominent YouTuber of the Netherlands — Kwebbelkop, real name Jordi van den Bussche. Through a long-term partnership and a shared passion and belief in the NFT ecosystem, we hope to extend the potent possibilities that non-fungible tokens have to offer in both digital and physical spheres, together. Exciting times ahead indeed!

Who is YouTube sensation, Kwebbelkop?

With 14.8 million subscribers, Amsterdam based Jordi van den Bussche (25) — Kwebbelkop — is the biggest YouTuber in the Netherlands. Thousands of viewers tune in to watch his gaming-themed videos and vlogs every day, which together have been viewed over six billion times. Although Kwebbelkop has uploaded over four thousand videos online as a YouTuber, he also finds time to operate a video game company and social media agency. And, just like us, he shares a strong passion for NFTs. In fact, Kwebbelkop’s passion for non-fungible tokens extends further, with the YouTuber owning many well known NFTs in his portfolio. He understands the power that NFTs bring to the world, believing in the incredible options that NFTs have to offer, specifically when it comes to access, gaming and music. While Kwebbelkop is certainly on top of the Youtube world, he is also an expert in the NFT community, making him an extremely valued partner to WEYU.

How will Kwebbelkop and WEYU collaborate?

As the most well known Dutch gamer on the scene, Kwebbelkop has joined WEYU as a lead gaming advisor. Being a specialist in the space, Kwebbelkop will pilot the WEYU team through the gaming market, advising on strategies to follow and helping to bridge connections to NFTs. His positioning in the market will support WEYU’s mission to disrupt the gaming industry through NFTs while acting as a representative for multiple communities and spaces that WEYU wants to enter.

How can NFTs impact gaming?

There are endless possibilities for how NFTs can be used, especially in the gaming world. While they allow for the ownership and transferability of digital assets such as digital accessories, skins, maps and worlds, non-fungible tokens possess the properties to provide access — in digital and real-world landscapes. Our partnership with Kwebbelkop will allow WEYU to explore and hopefully support NFT use-cases across gaming.

An exciting partnership for an inspiring NFT future

Creating super cool experiences and merging communities through the power of technology is what WEYU and Kwebbelkop share in common. We are extremely excited to partner with Kwebbelkop, and bring further value to new and emerging NFT projects, especially those that exist in the gaming industry. Furthermore, Kwebbelkop will act as an advisor towards NFT projects that will launch and appear on the WEYU launchpad, helping to raise awareness and adoption. Together, we can’t wait for what the future of NFTs will drive towards, and we hope you join us for the ride.

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