The WEYU Raydium Pool is live, pioneering ecosystem farms

Farm active with +600% APR

Who likes to Farm? You!? Well then, get your WEYU ready and your overalls and straw hat on because the most advanced and robust Defi Farm has arrived on the WEYU platform. Yes, our Raydium Pool is officially open!

Start Farming here:

Alongside the recently released WEYU Staking Protocol, which you can find out more about here, the introduction of the WEYU Raydium pool is the next significant component of the WEYU Rewards program — an initiative designed to bring as much benefit to the community as possible. Furthermore, we partnered with leading exchange Raydium to be one of the first projects ever to explore ecosystem farms, which we can’t wait to share more about. Across two blog pieces, we will be exploring what Raydium is, how it works and how to utilize the pool for your advantage (across a dedicated tutorial). To begin, start reading the full blog here:

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