On Monday August 9th at 2pm (UTC) the WEYU whitelist registration will go live to the world. The WEYU whitelist not only gets you the chance to buy into the WEYU Private Presale but also registers you for the free WEYU Airdrop. In this blog you will learn everything you need to know to participate in this monumental event.

The WEYU whitelist will be open for at least 7 days. Whitelisting gets you registered for the WEYU Private Presale Lottery to get WEYU tokens at the lowest possible price. Winners are randomly selected after the whitelist closes. This means it is not based on FCFS (First-Come-First-Served), so there’s no need to rush. All of the details of the process and timelines are further in this publication.

To register for the WEYU whitelist go to the official WEYU website. Be careful of fake sites. The website is https://weyu.io

So what is WEYU anyway?!

Before we start it might be a good thing to introduce ourselves. WEYU is the first Multi-Chain Marketplace and the only NFT platform you’ll ever need. WEYU is obsessed with user experience and believes mass adoption will be accelerated by the easy to understand and accessible design the WEYU Platform will have. Check out the WEYU Whitepaper or the WEYU One Pager to find out more about WEYU.

How to join the WEYU Whitelist

#1 Get the Sollet Wallet
You will first need to have a Sollet Wallet which is the most common and widely used Solana wallet. For an simple video overview on how to get the Sollet Wallet please go here. Note: Only use https://www.sollet.io/ to get your wallet.

#2 Connect your Sollet Wallet to the WEYU Platform

Simply go to the WEYU official website and click on the connect button. You will see both Sollet and Metamask as WEYU is a multi-chain platform but for this Whitelist you’ll need to connect to Solana. Sollet will prompt you to verify your wallet. Once you connect your Sollet wallet you will start the registration process. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy. Note: There are no transaction fees for any part of the WEYU whitelist registration so you do not need any SOL in your wallet.

#3 Connect Your Telegram
Telegram will be the one of the main sources of communicating with the WEYU community. Once you have connected your Telegram we will send you all the updates of the WEYU Private Presale Lottery and Airdrop. Note: You must have a Telegram account to participate in the WEYU whitelist.

#4 Connect your email
As a backup to get in touch with winners and for general updates we need your email.

That’s all folks. If you complete those 4 easy steps you are registered for the most exciting whitelist and Airdrop of 2021.

Now let’s look at what else is happening within the WEYU whitelist

Registering for the WEYU whitelist already gets you 3 lottery tickets. So what exactly is a ticket you ask… A WEYU ticket represents your chance at getting into the Private Presale (a lottery ticket) and also represents a share in the WEYU Airdrop.

Within your whitelist profile you have the chance to earn many more tickets in two ways.

First way is to perform tasks. Tasks are mostly social media based and can be anything from retweeting a WEYU post to giving a WEYU Medium article 50 claps or to even subscribe to some of our partners channels. For each task you complete you will earn more tickets.

The other way to earn more tickets is with referrals. On your whitelist profile page you will see a unique link. When you share this link with your friends and they join the WEYU whitelist, you get 2x tickets. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get more tickets. You can share with your Twitter friends or with your Telegram friends and anyone else! Share it far and wide to earn the maximum number of tickets, which is 100, to increase your chances of getting in on the ground level with the WEYU Private Presale.

All your earned tickets show up at the top of your WEYU profile page. You can earn a maximum of 200 tickets! So it’s time to get to work.

Because of the huge interest in our Private presale, not everyone will be able to participate. To compensate and reward all early supporters of WEYU we are hosting a MASSIVE airdrop. This is a guaranteed airdrop and not a lottery. The total airdrop will be 25,000,000 WEYU tokens and will be airdropped to ticket holders relative to the amount of tickets you have.

For example: you have 10 tickets and there was a total of 1000 tickets. That means you receive 250,000 WEYU tokens.

By the way, 25,000,000 WEYU is equal to $175,000 worth of WEYU at the public price!

Also, every day that the whitelist is open WEYU will be giving away 1 very special NFT to a random member of the whitelist.

  • Winners of the Lottery will be able to buy WEYU tokens at the Private Sale rate of $0.005 per token. Note: The Public Sale price of WEYU will be $0.007 which is more than 20% higher.
  • Even if you do not win you’ll still get WEYU tokens in the Airdrop
  • Registering for the WEYU Whitelist gets you a chance of winning Special WEYU NFTs and other fancy stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I win the WEYU Lottery, what is the maximum I can purchase in the Private presale?

There will be 3 rounds in the WEYU Lottery.
Phase 1 winners: Min. $50 / Max. $3000
Phase 2 winners: Min. $50 / Max. $2000
Phase 3 winners: Min. $50 / Max. $1000

When does the WEYU Whitelist end?

The WEYU Whitelist will close on Monday August 16 at 9PM UTC.

When will winners be announced?

  • Phase 1 winners will be announced and notified on Tuesday August 17
  • Phase 2 winners will be announced and notified on Wednesday August 18
  • Phase 3 winners will be announced and notified on Thursday August 19

Winners will have 5 days to participate.

Is the airdrop a lottery as well?

No, each of your tickets directly translates to an amount of WEYU tokens in the airdrop.

Do I need to verify my identity for the airdrop?

No, only if you have a winning ticket for the public sale you have to verify your identity.

Which countries are excluded in the public sale?

Unfortunately residents from the US, China, Canada, Iran, British Virgin Islands, Myanmar, Puerto Rico and Syria can not participate in the public sale.

What is the Private sale price and the public sale price?

Private sale price of WEYU is $0.005
Public sale price of WEYU is $0.007


Be careful of fake Telegram groups trying to impersonate Solanium. The token is currently not purchasable anywhere. Always verify that you are in our official channel or group.

Remember to follow us on all our socials, to stay tuned for more announcements!

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GOT NFTs? WEYU is the first Multi-Chain Platform specifically for the NFT resale market. All roads lead to WEYU.

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GOT NFTs? WEYU is the first Multi-Chain Platform specifically for the NFT resale market. All roads lead to WEYU.