NFT Staking is here! Learn how to start staking.

3 min readOct 18, 2022
Start staking your NFTs with WEYU

Hi Degens, in life, a few things are certain: death, taxes and that WEYU will continue to build powerful game-changing tools to support web3 adoption! This time it’s NFT staking!

WEYU’s new NFT Staking platform is officially up and running. The tool, which enables projects to create their own staking protocol for their NFT collections for free, is simultaneously designed to benefit NFT owners and holders seeking to get more from their digital assets. Today we’re going to take a look at what our new staking platform means for holders, how to stake and why you should.

If you’re a project looking to develop your own staking protocol then make sure to read our previous article here:

As we learned previously, NFT staking entails staking one’s NFT in return for specific rewards and benefits in the same way that cryptocurrency can be staked. An NFT’s intrinsic utility and unique properties are what truly enable it to stand out among the crowd, and staking belongs to this by adding greater value to the utility of an NFT.

WEYU’s Staking Protocol is easy and FREE!

Staking with WEYU Pieces

We initiated our Staking Protocol with WEYU Pieces — our own social-impact-driven NFT Collection created in collaboration with the United Nations — which you can now stake on the platform. In fact, 1,500 total WEYU Pieces NFTs were staking in the first 2 days of launching. Make sure to check it out here:

WEYU Pieces — the world’s first social-impact NFT Collection

The process of staking your NFTs is incredibly easy, fast and rewarding. Simply visit the WEYU Staking Platform, select your chosen staking protocol, connect your wallet and start staking your NFTs. Once those steps are completed you can start to earn on your holdings (depending upon the reward scheme set out by the specific staking protocol).

Discover more about the platform, and how to stake your WEYU Pieces NFTs in our recent Livestream here:

NFT Staking offers a new way of earning rewards and making money by locking them up in smart contracts. So, whether you are a project looking to create more intrinsic value behind your NFTs or a holder searching for ways to maximize your assets then the WEYU NFT Staking Protocol is your next destination.

Get your NFTs ready because staking has arrived:

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