Introducing WEYU Pieces, a unique NFT collection created by refugees

5 min readNov 7, 2021

The first WEYU NFT drop designed for social impact in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency has arrived

We are delighted to present WEYU Pieces, the first ever WEYU NFT collection, and the world’s first crowdsourced art project on the blockchain. We can’t wait to show you what we have built.

WEYU Pieces is a multi-layered collection of NFTs that transcends the digital space, helping to drive positive social change in support of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, while inviting all to not just own, but to contribute to real-world social initiatives.

“WEYU Pieces reflects my passion to make sure that the most powerful and liberating tech of our time gets into the hands of people who need it most. It will be those people who will take the opportunity that this unique tech provides, and advance it the most,” said Chris Dawe, Lead Advisor of WEYU.

Now, more than ever, we sit at a moment of history where technology has the potential to bring about a better world. A world that drives positive change for humanity and our planet. WEYU Pieces is designed to create an impact. The question is, are you prepared to do the same?



In the past decade, the number of people who’ve been forced to flee from home has more than doubled, with 82.4 million now displaced worldwide. That’s one percent of humanity. But together, and through harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we hold the key to make a real difference to the lives of many — by giving a place and space to create something meaningful, and the opportunity to earn a living, with skills they have learned, to support themselves and their families.

And so, with UNHCR, and built on the tech-for-good movement, a collection of extraordinary NFTs was created. A collection that celebrates the intersection of technology and social good — this is WEYU PIECES.

100% of funds raised will go to support the UNHCR.


Artist: NFN Kalyan

The first ‘Pieces’ drop is a collection of highly unique NFTs. To kickstart the project, we collaborated with artist NFN Kalyan, who donated 3 beautiful pieces of original artwork to WEYU. These three pieces are part of a collection titled ‘Our Hands Are Open But Not Empty’. Kalyan’s works are captivating, centered around what he describes as the “destructive nature of the human condition”.

Speaking about the collection, Kalyan said: “The body of paintings I have created over the years is largely about juxtaposing different images together. The three paintings contain a very specific juxtaposition of African refugees put into traditional European settings. For that reason, these paintings seemed the ideal series to use for this project.”

Kalyan’s original paintings were broken up into 6075 individual pieces. Using an online paint platform, each part was re-created alongside refugees from around the world, who digitally hand-drew each piece and were paid on the blockchain for their work.

Piece #3121
Piece #2892
Piece #3910
Piece #3131

6075 Pieces to make up a new and inspirational rendition of the original masterpiece.

Canvas #2

When discussing the process of co-creating each NFT, Chris said: “To have the opportunity to work alongside people from such challenging and unique backgrounds was quite humbling, but the most inspiring part of working so closely with people forced to flee was their eagerness to learn and take the opportunity at hand like I have never seen before. Their dedication to the process and quality of work was incredible.”


Transformational, relevant and special, each WEYU ‘Piece’ contains its own exclusively rare attributes that are also full of utility to be used within the WEYU multi-blockchain NFT ecosystem.

Rarity, utility, access and social impact, WEYU Pieces is much more than a piece of content on the blockchain:

All of these unique attributes are complemented by each NFT’s intrinsic social impact value, which will support UNHCR’s work around shelter, education, health, livelihoods and protection initiatives for refugees, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Thanks to a community of incredibly brave and talented individuals, WEYU Pieces pushes the boundaries of blockchain technology, showcasing yet another influential use case for NFTs through social impact initiatives. Now is your chance to own your very own piece of revolutionary art, while helping out communities that have faced violence, war or persecution.

The WEYU Pieces drop begins on the 8th November 2021 7 PM CET. The lottery will be open for the the duration of Solana Breakpoint and will close on Thursday November 11th at 6pm UTC. Lottery winners and distribution will happen within 60 minutes of closing.

WEYU Pieces is much more than just an NFT drop, possessing the power to change the world through technology. Together we can create an impact, and this is your invite to join us on the journey.

So, are you ready to join the movement?

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