Introducing the WE-DAO: The digitally programmable WEYU Governance token

2 min readJul 4, 2022
The WE-DAO token is an essential addition to the WEYU project.

In the second chapter of our five-part WE-DAO series, we take an exclusive look into how WE-DAO will be generated and distributed and also look at how it will operate.

We have entered a new age where the systems that govern the world are becoming more and more digitized. From banking and government to manufacturing and business processes we can now clearly see that the future is digital. With the birth of Web3 system architecture, we now have unique ways to build on the innovation of digitisation. As new technological advancements are added to the existing array of systems we are challenged to adapt and expand on what is possible to create. Today we have decentralized systems that can be designed using cryptographic tokens attached to a distributed ledger to validate and track historical truths. WEYU is committed to engineering new systems with these technologies to help create and build upon the WEYU ecosystem.

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Tokenomics, aka Token engineering, is fast becoming one of the most exciting parts of Web3 and Blockchain. We feel token engineering is the next step in building a healthy, inclusive and technologically advanced governance system around the WEYU ecosystem. Attaching these token models to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) gives the network transparency and trust.

The team behind the WEYU project feels a great responsibility to push the boundaries of these new systems and drive as much innovation into the WEYU ecosystem as possible. The arrival of the WE-DAO token is another integral brick in the foundation of WEYU and decentralization.

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