Introducing NFT Staking: Create your own NFT Staking Protocol for free!

4 min readOct 7, 2022
Develop your own NFT Staking protocol

Hi Degens, meet the latest addition to the WEYU ecosystem — NFT Staking! As you know, we’re all about constructing easy-to-use tools that create opportunities in Web3, and our latest staking as a service solution for NFTs does just that. Building on our long-standing aim of enriching the NFT landscape, WEYU’s NFT staking protocol uncovers even more value for participants in the space — and we are really excited to reveal more.

Take a first look at WEYU’s new NFT Staking platform here:

Why has WEYU created an NFT Staking platform, and what is it?

The true value of an NFT lies beneath the surface in their intrinsic utility. One of these is that they have the ability to generate rewards through staking. In the same way that you can stake cryptocurrency, you can now stake NFTs on the WEYU platform — and even establish your own staking system. So, how does this work?

NFT staking refers to an owner of an NFT locking up their asset for a specific period of time enabling them to earn rewards, most commonly through tokens or crypto. Each individual project will have its own reward rate, incentivizing holders to stake in return for unique gains.

Building on our extensive Web3 ecosystem, and following on from the release of our NFT generator tool, creating an NFT staking protocol felt like the next logical step for WEYU to take. After talking to multiple NFT projects in the space it was clear that there is an ever-increasing demand for projects to offer richer opportunities and rewards to their communities. At the end of the day, every project wants to get its community engaged. WEYU’s new NFT staking protocol promises just that.

Add staking to your NFT Collections for free

The benefits of WEYU’s new Staking Protocol

NFT staking activates a whole new opportunity for collections and collectors looking to maximise the potential that NFTs offer. However, staking protocols are technically challenging to develop. Luckily WEYU is here to build the tools that matter, and this time we’ve come with our new NFT staking protocol. Powerful, yet easy to use, our latest product enables projects to smoothly set up a staking platform attached to their own NFT collection and share this experience with their followers. Projects can customise design features and tailor staking rewards, but it’s not just staking! Here is an overview of some key features that you can expect to find in our new staking protocol.

NFT Staking Protocol Key Features

  • A Raffle System: Gamifying the protocol, the platform includes an engaging raffle system that enables greater community interaction. With this feature, prizes can be offered to community members, encouraging NFT holders to stake.
  • Stakeage: This feature benefits holders who stake for longer — offering greater rewards to those that do.
  • User-friendly: the platform is incredibly easy to use and accessible enabling anyone to create their own staking protocol and use it.
  • 100% transparent and secure: Users enjoy complete transparency and access to transactions and NFT statistics as the platform is built entirely by smart contracts.
  • Free to set up: Setting up your NFT staking platform is FREE! Let’s say that again; IT’S FREE! (There is only a minute transaction fee for staking and unstaking.)

Additionally, our NFT staking protocol platform is safe, customizable and scalable. Furthermore, extra features will be added further down the line to enrich the customer service experience.

How to set up your NFT Staking Protocol

1. Go to

2. Complete the set-up form

3. Click ‘Create’

4. Deposit tokens via the settings (if you chose the token option)

5. Your new Staking Platform is live!

Create your NFT Staking Protocol now:

You can now stake your NFTs

Continuing on our mission to develop powerful tools that empower creators across the Web3 landscape, the WEYU NFT Staking Protocol allows communities to earn and maximise the utility potentials of their NFTs, generating rewards and more with ease. NFT staking has become essential to NFT projects and therefore WEYU will be utilizing the platform on our WEYU Pieces collection first. Using our Pieces collection as an example, we will also be hosting a live tutorial session on Monday 10th October on our YouTube channel on how to set up your very own staking protocol, so stay tuned for this!

Whether you are a project looking to create more intrinsic value behind your NFTs or a holder searching for ways to maximise your assets then the WEYU NFT Staking Protocol is your next destination. (more on the benefits as a holder in our next blog!)

Get your NFTs ready because staking has arrived:

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