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A NFT project and Token you need to know

Solving several issues in the NFT ecosystem

There are several NFT marketplaces that rely on multiple blockchains, fragmenting the entire non-fungible token space. As a result, it has become exceedingly difficult for the average internet user to understand how NFTs work and where to find trustworthy and verifiable resources. Even the process of purchasing or selling NFTs is complicated. Furthermore, each platform has a unique process for the consumer. There are multiple blockchains with multiple NFT token standards, and if that isn’t enough, there is currently no platform that allows you to buy and sell across multiple blockchains. Clearly there are more questions than answers.

WEYU is here to help the NFT community grow

WEYU is on track to become the unified multi-chain platform for the NFT resale market. WEYU platform users can easily resell their NFTs regardless of which blockchain, platform, or token standard they were minted on. Buyers can then search multiple NFT standards and categories across the entire NFT market using a modern UI/UX design that includes advanced search algorithms and filters. WEYU is also committed to NFT resale market transparency and incorporates an advanced data aggregator to provide users with up-to-date information on the history of each NFT and the status of all categories within the vast NFT ecosystem.

Multi-Chain for Accessibility to all NFT fans

The importance of interoperability between blockchains is a common topic of discussion in the cryptocurrency community. The inability to transact across multiple blockchains has resulted in fragmented technology, ecosystem tribalism, and adoption barriers. WEYU is solving these issues in the NFT space and is dedicated to bringing everyone together, regardless of where they came from or how they want to participate.

Advanced Tokenomics like none other

The WEYU token is based on tokenomics 3.0, a tried-and-true framework for analyzing multiple dimensions of token utility across a platform, its community, and business models. These modern and validated token use cases are used to encourage users, both buyers and sellers, as well as community members, to actively engage with the WEYU ecosystem, platform, and products.

Embedded Token Fee

WEYU will utilize a slightly different model, but it will be based on the same principles. A 4% embedded fee will be implemented and divided into four automatic features. 4% is a much more manageable amount to ensure that all the token’s additional utility features are adopted. The table below explains how the 4% fees will be applied.

WEYU Memberships

A WEYU membership lowers platform fees and grants access to a plethora of additional features and rewards. To become a member, a user must stake an amount of WEYU tokens. WEYU memberships are divided into four tiers: Black, Gold, Pink, and Blue.

The WEYU Token Sale Information

To participate in the WEYU Open Private Sale you need to join the Whitelist. Spots are limited so join the WEYU Whitelist today.

Token Launch on PancakeSwap

$WEYU Whitelist + Airdrop is now OPEN!

The WEYU Open Private Sale is starting soon. To get your hands on tokens early you must register on our Whitelist. Once registered you will receive information on the next steps via email.



GOT NFTs? WEYU is the first Multi-Chain Platform specifically for the NFT resale market. All roads lead to WEYU.

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GOT NFTs? WEYU is the first Multi-Chain Platform specifically for the NFT resale market. All roads lead to WEYU.