Get Ready For CYBER WAVE! Only on WE_Launch

6 min readJan 25, 2022


The very first WE_Launch NFT project is only hours away. The legendary new NFT P2E collection from South Korea. This is the beginning of an exciting journey that has already taken the Solana NFT space by storm: Cyber Wave.


The Cyber Wave Presale/Lottery is only available on WE_Launch and starts January 25th, 8 p.m. EST / January 26th, 2 a.m. CET / January 26th, 10 a.m. KST (South Korea). The presale will be open for only 18 hours and is only for Solana addresses that have been Whitelisted for the event. Everyone who is Whitelisted is guaranteed 1 Cyber Wave NFT! The WE_Launch Lottery system will select additional winners after the guaranteed allocations are made. The price for the Presale is 0.77 SOL and 0.88 SOL in the public lottery.



Everything starts with the homepage. On the homepage, you will see a countdown for both the Presale and Public sale lotteries.

At the end of the presale countdown timer you will see the “Join Presale” button. Only Whitelisted addresses will be able to connect and join this area.

After successfully connecting your whitelisted address, you will enter the Presale lottery page. The Presale/lottery will be open 18 hours before closing. Remember, everyone in this round is guaranteed at least 1 Cyber Wave NFT.

Depending on your Whitelist tier you can buy additional lottery entries for the remaining NFTs in the Presale. If your ticket is not selected you can then claim back your 0.77 SOL.

As previously mentioned, 1 NFT is guaranteed for every whitelisted address. If you want just one NFT, all you have to do is go to the “tickets section” and choose x1. For Gold and Platinum Whitelist tiers you can select upto 9 extra lottery tickets. Each entry will cost 0.77 SOL. You can potential (highly unlikely) win on all entries. For all losing ticket numbers you will claim back all of your SOL.

The WE_Launch system will automatically show that you need to deposit 0.77 SOL. By clicking the “Join” button you will be asked for permission to transfer the 0.77 SOL. If you wish to get more NFTs in the presale you need to deposit 0.77 SOL for every entry.

By successfully finishing the process you will receive your ticket number in the “Ticket Information” panel:

Once the presale lottery is closed you will see at least one winning ticket that will represent your Cyber Wave NFT. All Cyber Wave NFTs will be delivered shortly after the Public lottery.

Depending on your Whitelist tier, you can win from 2 to 10 NFTs. The second and all the consecutive NFTs can be won by participating in the lottery. For example, if you won the most common whitelist spot, you get a chance to win 2 NFTs. First one is guaranteed and to try your chances of getting the second one, all you need to do is to pick x2, lock the minting price (2 x 0.77 SOL = 1.54 SOL in this case), and click the “Join” button. After the SOL is transferred, you will receive two tickets: x1 guaranteed and x2 which is a lottery ticket for a chance to win the second NFT. If you do not have any additional winning tickets then you claim back all your deposited SOL.

Again, Lottery winners will get their Cyber Wave NFTs distributed randomly within 24 hours of the Public lottery closing.

Attention: WEYU Pieces owners of the “Presale” attribute.
You are automatically whitelisted! You will need to log in to the presale lottery with the wallet that holds your “
Presale” WEYU Piece. The system will identify it and allow you to lock 1x or 2x of the minting price. First nft is guaranteed and the second can be won by participating in the lottery. The WEYU Piece with the “Presale” attribute MUST BE inside of the wallet through the whole lottery until the Cyber Wave NFT is delivered. If at any point, the WEYU piece with “Presale” attribute will leave the wallet, the tickets will get disqualified and you will only be able to claim your SOL tokens back.


The Cyber Wave Public lottery is again only available on WE_Launch and starts January 26th, 8 p.m. EST / January 27th, 2 a.m. CET / January 27th, 10 a.m. KST (South Korea). The Public Sale will be open for only 48 hours and is available to everyone. The price in the Public Sale is 0.88 SOL per ticket. There are no guaranteed spots in this round and is purely a lottery. If your ticket wins you get a Cyber Wave NFT. Any losing tickets are refunded by a claim. Let’s look closer.


Minting page:

When the Cyber Wave Public Sale starts, everyone will be able to enter the lottery on the homepage. Simply connect your wallet to participate.

The Public Lottery will be open for 48 hours. Each address has 3 available lottery entries. With each entry you need to deposit 0.88 SOL. Each entry gets you 1 ticket and the ticket will be displayed in the “Ticket Information” on the right side of the screen.

After the tokens are deposited, you are ready for the lottery. Winning tickets will show up in the ticket information section immediately after the lottery ends. Lottery winners will get their Cyber Wave NFTs distributed randomly within 24 hours of the Public lottery closing.

Attention: WEYU Pieces owners.
To use the attribute of your WEYU pieces NFT you will need to connect the wallet that contains your WEYU Pieces for the Public Lottery.
xTickets: x10 x25 x50 x100 — will be automatically calculated and will increase your chances of winning by the amount of xTickets you hold in your wallet.
Guaranteed — will be automatically checked and by depositing 0.88 SOL you are guaranteed to receive one Cyber Wave NFT.
Epic — Congratulations, you just relax and enjoy the drop. You will receive the NFT directly to the wallet that holds the WEYU Pieces NFT with the “EPIC” attribute.
WEYU pieces have to stay in your wallet for the entire lottery process until the NFTs are delivered to you. Removing them will disqualify the wallet from the lottery and you will only be able to claim the SOL back.

For any additional information, please check the discord servers of WEYU and Cyber Wave, and their official social media accounts.




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