A Tutorial: How to transfer your WEYU tokens to Solana via the Portal bridge?

The long-awaited event is finally here! As they say, “good things come to those who wait” and your patience has paid off as WEYU propels further along its journey with a newly forged path to the Solana blockchain. Yes, the bridge is here!

Transfer your WEYU tokens to Solana now

As described in the original WEYU Whitepaper, published 1 year ago, WEYU intended to integrate the Solana ecosystem by bridging the Binance Smart Chain token over to Solana. The BSC WEYU was a placeholder for WEYU supporters to unlock constant rewards as the WEYU team built out an ecosystem of products and features. It is now time to unlock the power of the WEYU token by leveraging the ultra fast, super affordable Solana blockchain.

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Starting today, WEYU token holders will be able to bridge their WEYU tokens over from their BSC wallet to their Solana wallet (Phantom preferred) to ready themselves for multiple token use cases.

Read exactly how you can do it via our dedicated tutorial here:




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